z Kagi Onjan

European Lines - CZECH, DDR, WEST GERMAN

Kagi Onjan - German Shepherd Dogs

Schutzhund (IPO) Field

Very big field that has 2 permanent blinds, an A-frame and a Gappay Meter jump. The field is not the standard width but is much longer. There is shade in the morning and afternoon. The field has fencing along the road and around the side where there is a big corn field, so the field is safe for most dogs.

Minka IPO1 meter jump 2012
IPO 1 Meter Retrieve

Agility Field

Beside the training barn is a medium size field that works perfect for agility and is fenced along the road. Even on a nice winter day a jump can be setup for people to practice retrieving or just heeling.

Small Obedience Field (away from the other fields)

Behind the large barn that we use as a garage and workshop is a nice grassy area that is perfect to practice obedience and play games by chucking a ball against the barn for the dogs to run after.

Potty Area

A nice secluded area where the dogs can take a potty break.

Training Barn

Newly remodeled specifically for dog training. The barn has 2 floors and a loft office. Both floors have rubber mats so the dogs are not working and jumping on hard concrete. There are orange safety mats on all the posts and walls.

Lower Level of the Training Barn

The lower level is open and mainly used for obedience or IPO retrieving on the flat or retrieving over a Gappay meter jump.

The Second Level

Upstairs is an area where the young dogs can be introduced to the A-frame properly, retrieve over an A-frame or a Gappay meter jump. There is also a corner setup for nose work and another area with some agility equipment such as an agility tunnel, weave poles, pause table and a tire jump.

Barn from the Outside

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