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Zarek Aritar Bastet x Nora von de Sleghte Bruute

A litter Zarek Aritar Bastet x Pety z Vodnanske doliny

z Kagi Onjan proudly presents the A litter

Sire: Zarek Aritar Bastet, IPO2
High IPO1, High Protection, SV-HD: A Normal, SV-ED: 0 Normal, OFA Hips: Excellent, Back: Normal, DM: N/N

Zarek is a well-balanced male who expresses strong genetic gripping behavior, is intense in the guarding, and shows pronounced fight/defense drive. This masculine dark sable male was chosen for his workability, temperament and structure. His pedigree is made up of proven working lines (working-dog Zarek). Zarek’s sire was a 2013 world team member before the age of 3 years old, and his full sister was 5th at the 2016 WUSV at the age of 3 years old. Zarek leaves an impression with any helper who has worked him because of top working abilities.

Dam: Pety z Vodnanske doliny, BH
OFA Hips: Good, OFA Elbows: Normal, Back Normal, DM: N/N

Pety is a medium-sized, well structured, dark sable female showing active aggression, good gripping behavior, the ability to absorb pressure and over-the-top ball drive. With Pety‘s genetic combination of both top Czech and German dogs, there is big potential in her breedings (working-dog Pety).

With the combination of Zarek and Pety we will have a line breeding 4-5,5 on Greta z Osobovske skaly CS, who is a big, strong, powerful, confident female with strong, deep grips! Greta herself is linebred 3 times on Kaso I z Pohranicni straze, who was an Iwo vd Buschecke son (DDR) and a very strong police dog. Xero z PS is Greta’s father with Koran z PS and Tina z PS also in the pedigree. These dogs are strong, with medium prey drive but good fight/ defense drive. This line is strong for power and presence that is often lacking today by the abundance of prey drive.

Zarek and Pety were specifically matched to enhance working ability, agility, structure, temperament and strength. We expect very strong drives, hardness with compliance, good aggression, and dark pigment with this litter.

Pety is confirmed pregnant and we are taking deposits now. Puppies will be tested at the age of 7 weeks and matched to the owners for their specific requests.

For more information on this working line litter, or to reserve a puppy please contact z Kagi Onjan